In Search Of Motivation…

Okay!!! I almost forgot the existence of this blog.

So the reason for me starting this blog was due to boredom and to pen down the random thoughts that ran into my mind when I had no one to share it with or didn’t feel like. It is not that I don’t have any content to write but its the laziness in me that stops me from keeping up with my blog posts plus it depends on my mood too. Lately there have been days where I am not in the mood to do anything and keep on procrastinating things.

I dont know why ??? Is it only me or does it happen to you too ??? There are days where I lack motivation and face creative blocks, when I have no idea as to where am I going what am I doing, maybe just doing something without any aim of it.

It becomes harder and harder day by day to get up every morning and face the competitive world. Face the challenges that comes with it and what not.

Each day we happen to meet so many people and learn from each of them. These are the same people in life you come across who let you down, test your patience, have arguments and clashes but wait a minute these are the same people who will inspire you, motivate and make you realize that each and every human being is unique and different in their on way, whether you except it or not thats a true fact.

Motivation and Inspirtaion is all around you including you yourself. So don’t hunt for it. Days will come and go, there shall be good ones as well as bad, but you yes you have to stay strong and stand there and fight it all by yourself and enjoy each and every moment of it. 

Don’t lose the battle, learn each day have experience, get motivated and inspired and be the reason to make others inspired too. Keep growing each day and never get tired of it. 


#motivation #inspire #randomthoughts #life #positivity


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